Meet Goldie

Full name: Goldie the Cow
Birthplace: The barn
Favorite subject in school: Cow-culus
Favorite city: Moo York
Favorite foods: Grass and Golden Creme dairy products

Hi! I’m Goldie the Cow, Southern California’s famous surfing cow and mascot for Golden Creme. When I’m not bustin’ a moooove on a big wave, I’m the symbol of Golden Creme’s lineup of fresh and wholesome milk and dairy products.

You’ve probably seen my udderly cute, smiling face on all Golden Creme labels. I’m also the life of the party at supermarket grand openings, grocery store events and food shows, sharing all I know about Golden Creme’s delicious and healthy goodness.

As a world class surfer, mother and spokesmodel, I know a thing or two about what our bodies need to be strong and healthy. Golden Creme products are packed with calcium and essential vitamins for strong bones and teeth and for providing the energy and nutrition we need to power through the day.

Cow-a-bunga! I’m busy. To maintain my active lifestyle I start every day with a tall glass of cold Golden Creme Milk and often treat myself to a scoop of Golden Creme ice cream. I also encourage all my friends and family to do the same — and you should too.

Look for me, Goldie, in the dairy case at your local independent grocer.

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